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Give Me a Minute, Please

Saw Whet Owl Study

Helter Skelter

Totem Visit

Out of Water

1957 Edsel Memories


Water at Last

A Better Day is Coming Soon

Waiting for the Sun

African Kings

Bamboo Dreams

Cloudy Day

Freezing Cold

Tutankhamen #4

Test Run

Morning Sun


Needing Help

Morning Catch


Big Presence

Seeking Victory

New Day

Pronghorn Alert

Cooling Waters

Which Came First . . .

Time to Move

Looking For Water

Hot Day Respite


Two Views of Franky

Just Preening

Slumber Party

Waiting For Orders

Dreaming of Tomatoes

Horse Head Study #1

Horse Head Study #2

The Blacksmith's Shop

We Will Get Through This

A Pause Before the Hunt

On the Prowl

The Visit

Rest Stop

Drought Over

Eye Contact

Waiting Game

Young Lion King

Standing Tall




Almost Heaven

Father and Son

Polar Warning

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