"Fran Sweet successfully combines knowledge of the natural world, artistic sensitivity and flawless technical skill to produce works that transport the viewer."

Award-winning sculptor - Past president of the Society of Animal Artists

"Francis Sweet's art has soul! That is to say he doesn't 'just paint animals', he touches upon the inner life of the precious others with which we share this planet. Beauty, after all, is also fur, scale, and feather deep."

Radar O'Reilly of "M.A.S.H." - Emmy Award-winning actor, wildlife artist, and art collector

"One of the very best scratchboards I have seen is the hippo that Fran Sweet had in the 2002 Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibition. Fran is the very successful president of that prestigious group."

Award-winning L.Y.W.A.M. master wildlife artist


"Working with Fran in the world of art is a joy that parallels his exquisite artwork."

Award-winning artist, gallery owner and director

"Getting acquainted with Fran Sweet's artwork is a sensory experience. Every piece has drama and extraordinary beauty. What a remarkable and remarkably diverse talent."

Writer, Executive Vice-President (retired)- Wildlife Management Institute, Washington, D.C.


"I have always been an admirer of Fran's talent. He works in what I consider to be one of the hardest mediums for an artist, scratchboard, which leaves no room for error. His work is realistic, well-designed, and a pleasure to view."

Award-winning sculptor and vice president of The Society of Animal Artists

"Whenever I see Fran's work, either in exhibitions or catalogs, I always marvel at the talent and expertise that goes into his work, both in his scratchboards and oils. His highly accurate detail, in the unforgiving scratchboard medium, is truly amazing. I am always delighted to see his work."

Award-winning L.Y.W.A.M. Master wildlife artist

"Although I am a professional watercolor painter, I tend to develop very strong sentiments for other artistic mediums, other than my own. And over the years Fran Sweet has made me a true lover of scratchboard in its highest form.
"There may be other artists out there who have also excelled at this unique medium, that are equivalent to Fran's level of excellence... but in the past 12 years I haven't come across their work! And I see a lot of artist's work from all over the world.
"The scratchboard medium itself is striking and bold, yet allowing for incredible subtlety in its midtones. For it is in these midtones that one discovers Sweet's mastery. When you look close and study his technique, it's flawless. And this is what first attracted my attention and appreciation... his masterful ability to capture unique lighting effects and shades of gray, in a medium that is essentially black & white.
"And then added to this marvelous skill was his powerful sense of design, and his thorough knowledge of the creatures he chooses to work on.
"There simply are few artists who truly master this medium. Fran sets the artistic standard's that anyone else working in this medium would do well to study.
"Fran sweet is quite simply the best! He is on the top of a very short list of artistic excellence."

Award-winning professional watercolor painter and on the board of The Society of Animal Artists

"Fran Sweet's sensitive, yet powerful portrayals of the creatures he loves and knows so well have lifted animal art way above the ordinary."

Award-winning L.Y.W.A.M. master wildlife artist


"Because scratchboard is primarily a black and white medium, it is highly dependent upon good composition and the effective juxtaposition of light and dark. Fran Sweet is a master in both these areas. His scratchboard paintings have the visual impact that characterizes the work of truly talented artists."

Award-winning artist, judge and past president of the Society of Animal Artists

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